Does peroxide for hair dying, like Taylor Swift’s, cause cancer?

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No dye regrets here! Taylor Swift has been spotted rocking her new platinum 'do while leaving Fred Segal on Friday; the same hair she premiered on Vogue's cover and Coachella. But does the role model know what she may be doing to her hair and scalp?
Hydrogen peroxide, the chemical used to lighten hair, works by deteriorating the hair shaft and can lead to hair loss and possibly cancer.
PPD or para-phenylenediamine is the basis for most permanent hair colours also called coal-tar dyes, and these no longer require FDA approval. An alarming fact since in the 1980s, the FDA was trying to get manufacturers to put cancer warnings on boxed dye.
Well, these days the FDA is singing a different tune as they post on their Web site that they don't have enough reliable information to make this link anymore. But with more and more
reports of veteran hair dyers experiencing new skin reactions and bumps post-colouring, it's definitely still an industry to keep an eye on.
So colour fashionistas, colour on! But to be safe maybe swap for a henna dye instead every now and again.