How is Bono Helping Change the World?

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U2's Bono continues to give back and use his celebrity to help others in need. And this time he's taking us along with him through the band's Instagram posts. The rock group traveled to the Zaatari Syrian refugee camp located in Jordan.

While there, the group is helping bring smiles, aid and awareness. In one photograph, Bono is seen playing with a group of smiling village children captioning a simple message: QUOTE: "Hi, I'm here to help-Bono."

In an interview with Good Morning America, he elaborates on the situation, "We cannot separate ourselves from what's going on in the outside world anymore. It's our world. That's what's come with globalization."

He then offers a solution and pleads governments to take note, "These places can be universities and teaching people our values or else they can be places that are dangerous to our ideas and to who we are. Let's take the first course and not the second."