Elton John sued for sexual harassment

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Elton John has been accused of sexual harassment by one of his former security guards. In the lawsuit, Jeffrey Wenninger describes three allegations that occurred in 2014.

In one of the incidents, Wenninger says he was in a car with Elton John when he was asked to take out his member and QUOTE "say hello to Uncle Elton."

On another occasion, Wenninger claims that Elton grabbed Wenninger’s nipple and said QUOTE “You gorgeous thing you.”

And on the third incident, Wenninger says Elton put his hands down Wenninger’s pants and tried to grab his groin.

Jeffrey Wenninger stopped working with Elton John in September 2014.

Elton John and his partner David Furnish have been mum on the allegations. But on Friday, Furnish posted a loving happy birthday note on social media.

He writes that Elton is a QUOTE "loving and caring father and a devoted, loyal and supporting partner."

He continues: QUOTE "How grateful and blessed I am to be sharing my life with you."