Taylor Swift’s Most Ridiculous Paparazzi Moment

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Taylor Swift will never receive the award for being the most charming artist because what the singer did recently deserves to be on the list of "most ridiculous things celebrities have done to avoid the paparazzi". The singer—who was leaving a friend’s home-- had no interest in facing the paps that were outside waiting so she decided to walk backwards to avoid being photographed. Her theory? "If I don’t see you, you don’t see me". and with this in mind Taylor decided to risk her life…as though her heels were made of fabric. Thankfully, her amused bodyguard assisted with her new escape plan and even he could not help but laugh. Taylor went from walking like a little chick to jumping like a grasshopper escaping from its predators. It’s safe to say, with celebrities who act like this, "Who needs the zoo?"