Olivier Martinez Attacks LAX Airport Employee

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Olivier Martinez was arriving from vacation looking a bit jet lagged and cranky as he was involved in a very shameful incident as he exited the terminal at the Tom Bradley International Airport in Los Angeles. Local police confirmed that photographers got extremely close to the actor, his wife Halle Berry and their two kids- 6 year-old Nahla and 1 year-old Maceo. This incited Oliver to push one of the men out of the way with the baby’s car seat causing the poor man to fall back and stumble over a wheelchair before hitting the floor. It hasn’t been confirmed if the victim was trying to get an autograph or a picture with the famous family but people are heard yelling at Olivier in the video explaining that man was an airport employee. It is clear that it didn’t make a different to the protective dad. After the altercation, the victim was transported to the hospital and has pressed charges for aggression. Police are now investigating and we are sure there is plenty of evidence to work with since the whole incident was caught on camera.