Hugh Jackman Sci-Fi Return, Chappie

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Hugh Jackman makes his return to the big screen starring in a new sci-fi movie. The Australian actor was just in Berlin where he premiered "Chappie". The film, directed by Neill Blomkamp—who is known for his work in District 9-- plans to make its mark in the genre. The South African director says quote: "If you liked District 9—which I really liked-- this has the same tone. It’s a science fiction film but with a very realistic feel to it. It’s fun but also emotional and it is full of action". The movie presents a future in where a mechanized police force patrols the streets. When one police droid, Chappie, is stolen and given new programming, he acquires the ability to feel and think for himself. Hugh Jackman plays the corrupt Vincent who will do whatever it takes to ensure that Chappie is the last of his kind. According to the director, this film was made for the fans and from the looks of the trailer, that fan base is expected to multiply!